How to Host a Last Minute New Year Eve Party

Not everyone has time to pre-plan New Year parties since many are caught up in the holiday craze. Only certain people can organize parties which have a theme and have all that a party should have. If it has struck your mind on the last moment that you should host a New Year Eve party, then don’t worry. There are ways through which you can quicken up the process of throwing a good quality party.


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    First things first, plan out the décor for the party. Décor is something which builds the image of the party and carries it during the night. Try to use fabric wallpaper or even a table cloth and then put up a few cut out letters to write down the party’s name.

    Make a photo wall. This is not something which many people would think of. If you have a lot of pictures from the holidays which you have been spending lately, print them out and stick them to a wall so that the people can see what you have been up to. Add pictures which have your friends and family in them. They will love to see that wall throughout the party.

    Add to your décor by adding storytelling name cards, plate liners, new year’s eve-themed centrepieces and New Year’s Eve resolution cards.

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    The second thing that must be on your mind is the food and beverage menu. How are you going to cater food for some many people? It’s advised that rather than opting for cooking yourself, you should order something from outside. Since you have less time and want to organize a party right at the last minute, you should check with a few people about what you should order and get it delivered to your place.

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    With the décor and the food already off your mind, it’s time to keep the guests interested through different activities. Make the people stay in your party for a long period of time. You can, first of all, ask others to come in a costume. Moreover, you can ask a musician friend to bring his/her band and they can play at the party so everyone can dance to the music. In case there is no band available, then opt with a sound system along with a CD.

    If there are kids at the party as well, add a few games for them. Give them the noise makers so they can get to work once the clock strikes 12.

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