How to Draw the New Year Baby

New Year baby can be drawn on the New Year’s greeting card to depict a sense of newness and freshness about the year which has started. Although drawing is a little challenging task but it is not that much tough once you have the clarity about what you want to draw.

In order to draw a New Year baby, first imagine baby’s posture and expression. To elaborate it further, decide whether the baby is standing, happy, crying or surprised.  Once you know your idea, drawing becomes easy.

Things Required:

– 1 sketch pencil (6B Graphite Pencil)
– 1 Drawing Paper
– Rubber


  • 1

    Drawing the face:

    Start with the face. Since the babies are chubby so draw a round face that is almost like a circle. The circle does not have to be perfect in shape.  Divide the face in three horizontal and equal parts except the middle part which will be narrower. This middle part will be for the nose. The upper part is meant for the eyes and the lower part is meant for mouth. Also divide the face vertically into two parts by drawing a light line in the middle part of the face.

    Now start drawing the features. First draw the eyes. Make them happy and large. For this draw two circles in top horizontal partition, one on each side of the vertical line. Next draw the eye balls inside the eyes and keep them large. In order to give a happy look, draw lifted eye brows in semi circular shape just above the eyes. Draw long eye lashes to make the baby look cuter.

    The next feature is the nose. Draw the nose right in the centre of the face on the vertical line just below the eyes in the middle partition. It must be a small tiny nose. Draw a round circle for nose.

    Now draw the mouth in the lower partition and exactly on the middle vertical line. For this draw a line that is curved twice in the middle. Now improve the shape of the lips by curving them upwards from the corners.

    Improve the shape of the face cut and give the baby a round chin. For this give a slight circular stoke to the base in the middle.

    Now draw ears on both sides and they must be semi pear shaped. Make sure that the ears come in parallel to eyes.

    Finally draw a small hair tuft on the top middle vertical line.

  • 2

    Drawing the body:

    First draw a round circle for body just below the face. This must be a rough circle and larger than the face.

    Now since the babies are very chubby so draw round shoulders and round arms. Make the elbow part a little narrow. Draw raised hands and make sure that both go till the middle of the ears.

    Also draw a banner crossing the body that is starting from the left shoulder and going till the end of the right side. Don’t forget to mention the year on the banner.

    Finally draw a line on the lower part of the belly. Make it a triangle and imagine that one corner of the triangle is inverted and pointing downwards. Give this base a little circular stroke. Draw the legs coming out of the diaper from the two edges of the triangle.

  • 3

    Drawing the legs:

    Next draw the legs with upper part chubbier than the lower part of the legs. For this draw lines that look wider from the upper part and become narrower when they come down towards the feet. Also the legs must not be longer in length than the body.

    Now finally the feet will be drawn by drawing elongated circles that are narrow from the middle. For toes draw small circles above these elongated circles.

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