How to Throw a New Year’s Party without Alcohol

Throwing a New Year’s party that does not serve alcohol sounds too boring, doesn’t it? But at times you have to be extra careful about the people who have to drive back home while they are drunk. Your party might see less people, but it depends how you make it more attractive. People believe that if a party does not have alcohol, they won’t be enjoying the night. That’s not true. You need to give them reasons and offer them attractions other than alcohol so they want to be there at your party.


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    First of all, choose a venue which everyone will simply love. Throwing such a party at home won’t be making things different from all other New Year parties. Therefore, either book a conference room in a hotel, or book a private room in a restaurant. The venue should be so attractive that once other people get to know about it, they want to be a part of your party.

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    In order to create a festive ambiance, give your guests something which they would love to see. This should be somewhat of a mood setter. Add a disco ball or a metallic streamer to your party and people would like to stay for a longer period of time.

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    Hire yourself a DJ, or even a local band. The dance floor is a good reason for the people to stay at your party.

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    Since your party does not serve any alcohol, it must serve other things which everyone would like to drink and eat. For that, you need to treat others with different dishes. Try not to cook yourself and order from outside. Get in touch with your favourite restaurants and pre-order so the food can arrive on time.

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    Start mixing alcohol-free mocktails. They are quite delicious and people will probably not miss alcohol once they drink these mocktails.

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    If there were any drunken people in your party, what would they do? Try engaging in crazy activities. Well, since there is no one getting drunk at your party, it’s time for you to offer them certain crazy activities. Make a list of things which might interest your guests and offer them all. It could be anything: Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, or any other board game. Moreover, you can even offer them a karaoke machine which will help a few volunteers to sing in front of the crowd.

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    Toast in the New Year with a grape juice rather than champagne.

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