New Year Greeting Messages for Wife

Writing a greeting message to wife can be a beautiful thing to do on the New Year, Expressing your love in a letter at the start of the Year can help you ensure that you will keep a healthy relation all year long, yes it does make a lot of difference. It doesn’t have to be that lengthy, Sometimes just a few sentences work wonders. For couples with children this can be an opportunity to say things that they usually can’t because we all know that children have an uncanny knack of interrupting your conversations on such occasions. But how do you write a letter to your loved ones on New Year’s we will show you how just follow this simple step by step guide.


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    Make it personal, When you write something to someone remember that it can be saved and re-read. A personal letter means it should be positive and putting some love in it won’t hurt. Greeting messages can carry love quotes and messages worthy enough from the writer to satisfy the reader. This can be made easy by listing all the things that you love about your wife avoid criticism and ambivalent remarks.

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    All about her, It is your secret communication with your wife so remember to use the words ‘’you’’ a lot and often, share your thoughts about her and tell her how special she is to you.

    Start with a special endearment.

    Use her special name, write something personal like:

    My Most beautiful _________ (write her name on the line)

    Dear wonder of my life

    My most precious and beautiful wife __________ (write her name on the line).

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    Make it meaningful, When you start write specifically about your Marriage and your coming New Year together tell her if you have a surprise for her this year like if you plan to take her somewhere for a second honey moon, or if you plan to gift her something she always wanted.

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    Ending the letter with Love, Do not I repeat Do not write ‘’Well that’s about it’’ it doesn’t help it’s just like you’ve lifted a burden off your shoulders. Get romantically inclined be creative. Make an ending that gathers all of your feelings and lets your wife know that she will be loved by you for the rest of your life. Endings like, Forever yours, loving you is a part of my life I can never avoid, my world revolves around you, you are my day and you are my night without you I am incomplete, wish to spend all of the coming years with you under your shadow. End off by signing your name at the end with a Heart sticker.

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    Delivery, A special letter means it has to be delivered in a special manner as well something that might get her attention do the following to give her a surprise. Do not forget to use her favorite color envelope.

    You can put the letter under her pillow.
    You can put the letter in her Lingerie drawer.
    Putting the letter on her dinner plate is good as well.

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