How to Spend New Year’s Eve with Your Children

Once you have children, it’s understandable that you can’t spend the night out for celebrating New Year’s Eve. Neither can you go out and enjoy parties being thrown by your friends, nor can you throw a party at your place, by yourself. Throw the kids a party and let them stay up late until 12:00 midnight. If you are sitting home and wondering how you can make the night special for your kids, it’s time for you to get up and use the following steps to do so.


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    Start decorating the largest room in your house. Ask your kids to help you out while you decorate the room for their party. Keep them involved in all the activities so they don’t get bored while you are working at home. Start hanging streamers, and scatter lots of confetti for the party. Moreover, grab yourself a few party hats and noisemakers. If you want your kids to remain busy, ask them to customize their own party hats.

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    How can any party be fun without food? Make them their favourite dishes and if you are good at baking, then start baking a cake. Another option is to pre-order the cake so it is available on time.

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    Always go with the flow and dress up like it’s a party. If you were to go out at a friend’s party, what would you wear? Wear those clothes and make your kids wear party clothes as well. Make them feel that they are also a part of it.

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    Once the dinner is ready, serve it to your children. If your kids would like to order something from outside, order it beforehand so it can arrive at dinnertime. Do not serve the cake with the rest of the food. Make them wait for dessert so they can enjoy the cake later. You can even put a few candles on the cake so you may blow them to recognize the birthday of a New Year.

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    Add a bit of music to the picture by teaching your children how to sing certain New Year songs.

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    Start explaining the concept of a New Year’s resolution. Make your children understand how they have to promise themselves about things they want to accomplish in the coming year.

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    Put a few sleeping bags in the living room. Play board games with your children and read stories for them.

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    If your kids are still awake then toast the New year with a sparking fruit cider or a grape juice.

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