Best New Year Eve Events in Montreal

Montreal residents do not celebrate New Years as avidly as other countries do. The extreme cold temperature keeps most of the resident of Montreal away from most forms of public events. But this doesn’t mean there’re no fun things to do in Montreal over new year. There are actually quite a lot of other types of events that take place and are very interesting alternatives to your typical fireworks and New Year’s Eve parties. Below is a list of Events on New Year Eve in Montreal that will warm you up for the upcoming year. Check out the list and have fun with friends and family members.


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    Quays of the Old Port, is probably the center point of a lot of activity taking place on New Year ’s Eve activity taking place in Montreal. The location is picturesque and will offer fireworks, food music and a skating rink that will be open late. Make sure to get their early to get yourself in the gate on time.

    quays of the old port new years eve montreal
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    New Years Eve Grand Bal, is an extravagant free admission dance that gathers thousands for anioght of dancing and celebration near the Old port. The dance takes place on the Creemore Springs stage as the participants ring in the new years with the display of fireworks.

    new years eve grand bal montreal
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    Montreal’s Largest Singles New Years Eve Party, is exactly what the name says. An extravagant event for singles, party goers will get a chance to meet and mingle with hundreds of other singles from around the city. The event promises to be a great night out and might even start your new years with a brand new relationship.

    Singles party new years eve montreal
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    Montreal New Years XS, the largest open bar new years event in the city. It is a well known event and you should expect big crowds and long waits. However, the music, dancing and atmosphere is great and worth freezing in line.

    xs new years eve montreal
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    Place d'Armes Hôtel & Suites, offers an extravagant and exclusive New Years party that will blow your mind. The selection of wine and cheeses plus the uptown clientele are all ingredients for a night to remember.

    le place darmes new years eve montreal
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    Fluid New Years, will be an interesting event because all drinks are included in the price of entry. That means no tips. This will probably be a crazy New Year’s bash if you can remember it afterward.

    fluid new years montreal
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    The Montreal Ball, is a high end party that has some stars in its crowd. It is a good night out with never ending drinks and girls. A new year’s to truly remember.


    the montreal ball new years eve montreal
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    New Year's Eve Gala, is a yearly event at the Holiday inn with an extensive dinner menu, champagne at midnight and of course drinks all night long. A good time with friends and family is assured.

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