5 things you should avoid during the New Year Eve

5 things you should avoid during the New Year festival

New year parties are fun and full of memories. You want to be close to people who care for you and you want to make sure the year ends in a best way possible.  But some people may leave things until the last minute and may not have plans for the New Year party, do not worry; you can go out with several family or friend.  The important thing is that you have a good time wherever you are.  While having fun you want to make sure you avoid these things:


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    Overvalued Events

    At this time there are many options at your fingertips to celebrate and have fun, if you live in a city you can go with friends to a bar, stay home with family or buy tickets to a big party at a restaurant or a hotel. However, remember that you don’t need not spend all your money for the expensive tickets, on attending places where you do not know anyone, you  are better off to get together with your friends in a house or host a small celebration with your partner.

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    The Killjoys

    Stay away from the person who hates Christmas and New Year, as well as trees, ornaments, lights, everything that relates to holiday season seems unpleasant. Avoid this kind of vibes, after all, all you want is fun. Nor attend to places you've been given bad references that surely will go badly, you try to have fun and end the year as it should be, with a smile on your face.

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    If you can take the day off for New Year's break, you deserve it. If you cannot have the day off, at least try to relax with a glass of wine. If you 're one of the lucky ones that do not work, enjoy it, get up late, do not worry about labor issues, do not look at the clock and forget to check your inbox for mail.

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    your ex

    If your relationship didn’t end on a good note, try to stay away from the ex who can ruin your day. If you now have a boyfriend and you're happy, and you better not send a text message congratulating your ex, unless you still have a good relation with him. Stay focus on yourself and your current partner and spend quality time with each other.

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    Over drinking

    This time of the year is known for parties and drinking but doing it excessively can end with a bad note.  Try to stay within limits and if you have to drink, make sure you have a designated driver who will drive you all home.  If you don’t have someone who is not going to drink, please do yourself and the world a favor – take a taxi.

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