How to Make a Baby New Year Costume

Making a baby New Year costume is not that complicated. You will be required to follow some simple instructions to get this job done. It is recommended to decide the kind of costume you want to make in advance so you can buy the required items from the store. Babies love surprises and you should not sit back at the wonderful occasion of New Year. A costume for such an event is not only simple but fun for the baby.

Things Required:

– Wide ribbon or sash
– Black top hat
– White cloth wrap or diaper
– Noisemaker, champagne bottle or martini glass


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    Although the Baby New Year represents the beginning of a new calendar year, you can play your part to come up with your own baby costume design that is simple as well as funny. Take your time when deciding what kind of baby costume you want to make. Before doing anything else you will need to make sure that you have what it takes to successfully create a baby costume. If you do not possess the skills to perform this task effectively, consider buying the costume from your local clothing store.

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    Sketch the design on a piece of paper. Colour the drawing if possible. This will help you understand what the requirements are and how you should approach the task at hand. Prepare a list of all things required to create a New Year baby costume for yourself. When creating the design, remember that you can use this costume on other events such as Halloween or a random costume party.

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    Next, use a strap similar to the ones used by the beauty contest contestants and put it diagonally across your chest. Write your message on the sash, such as “Happy New Year”. You may also add the New Year date if desired. Remember the way that you put your costume together is entirely up to you but try not to spend too much time with just one aspect of it. Try to make the entire costume quickly so that you an actually enjoy it and not get stuck with just making the entire get up.

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    Now wrap yourself in white cloth around your hips. Use a few baby safety pins to make sure it works as an actual diaper. It is recommended to hold a traditional New Year fashion accessory in your hands. Consider carrying a bottle of champagne, a noise maker or a glass of bear. Finally, you can wear an old fashioned black top hot on your head to add some fun twists. Purchase a hat similar to the one use by the Monopoly Man on Snowman.

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