How to Host a New Year\’s Brunch

It is a century old tradition in a number of families to host a New Year’s Day Brunch for family and close friends. It is a great way to get together or mingle without the need for catering services. If you want to host a successful New Year’s Brunch then follow some easy guidelines to help get you started.

Things Required:

– Coffee
– Eggs Oscar Dijon
– Fruit cups
– Potato casserole
– Mimosas (Orange Juice and champagne)
– Christmas, Hannakah or Kwanzaa goodies such as candy, cookies, fudge, etc


  • 1

    Make the guest list

    First of all, decide who will be invited to the brunch and make a guest list. You can invite family and friends before the actual event. Also, include people outside your immediate family with which you have a good relationship. Make sure you know that majority of the people will be able to come for New Year’s Brunch, even if they were busy during their vacation time. Remember that these days New Year’s Eve partying is discontinued and instead lovely dinner parties are the new trend. After that, people go to bed and are energetic to host a brunch the next day.

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    Get food supplies

    You need to shop for supplies that you will need for your brunch. Try to get these between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Right before your brunch, you can place frozen food in the fridge to make it easier to prepare the next day. Basically prepare your food items well in advance so that you can also enjoy yourself without having to sit in the kitchen all day long. Keep the menu simple but delicious. Remember to stay festive and make food that suits the same overall mood.

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    The mood of the brunch

    Maintain some smooth music and mix the holiday tunes. When they arrive have a table where they can pen their New Year’s resolution and then share with each other on the dinner table. You can drop the notes into a bowl. Afterwards, you can entertain them or make conversations by picking random slips of paper and reading them so that everyone can hear them. Also, be polite and maintain a good attitude during the brunch. Remember that this is your brunch so be social and sit with everyone. Your planning should allow you some time to talk to your guests and serve them some nice food.

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