How to Spend New Year’s Eve with Your Friends and Family

What’s better than spending and celebrating the New Year’s Eve with your friends and family; the closest people to you. People mostly opt for spending this night with the ones they love but then they run out of ideas about things they should be doing on the night. Since you are around your friends and family for most of the year, you must do something very special when you are planning to spend the New Year’s Eve alongside them.


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    First of all, create a guest list. This is going to help you know that which people you want in your party and how you are going to tackle them throughout the night. Planning ahead always has its perks.

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    Once you have made the guest list beforehand, it’s time for you to send invitations to each and every person on the list. Don’t call or e-mail them; in fact, visit their place, have a nice little chit-chat with them and let them know how you are inviting them over for New Year’s Eve. Notify them where you want them to all to assemble.

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    There might be several First Night celebrations going on around your area. Start searching for these events. They are mostly available online and you can look up for the best ones.

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    Once you have looked for the First Night events, start looking for events which you would like to see alongside your friends and family. It’s not necessary that you sit in your house throughout the time. You can always opt for moving out in order to watch certain performances. These performances include the likes of a concert, or even a comedy skit.

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    Think about the party which you want to hold and write down the type of beverages you are willing to serve to the people around you.

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    Do not plan to buy the food on the night the guests will arrive. Make sure you have them at hand before they are there at your place for the party.

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    Always decorate the place where you are going to hold the party.

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    When the guests are about to arrive, set up the food and chill the champagne.

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    Move out with your friends and family, attend different events which you planned to do and then come back to your place to enjoy a nice dinner.

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    Open the champagne when the clock strikes 12.

  • 11

    Give a toast to your loved ones.

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