How to Celebrate a New Year’s Day Birthday

It can get tough to celebrate a New Year’s Day birthday since most of the restaurants are closed on the 1st of January after their inventory has dried out during the night. However, despite this fact, celebrating your birthday on this day can actually be a lot of fun and you can be creative if you want to be. Despite the several obstacles, your day can be made special but only if you are willing to work a little for it.


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    One of the best ways to celebrate your birthday is by combining the New Year’s Eve celebrations with your birthday celebrations. This works in favour of you and the people who are invited to the party. You can give out a two in one party to the people. Whether you are a teenager, or an adult, this is the perfect way to throw your New Year’s birthday party. You can tell everyone that the theme of the party is New Year and extend the party to a sleepover so you can actually enjoy your birthday with your friends and family who you have invited. Finish the party off after giving them a brunch in the morning.

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    If you are currently residing in Southern California, then a Rose Parade party sounds like the perfect plan. Ask a Rose Parade worker to help you out in throwing such a party. They are mostly looking for help right before the parade. Moreover, the general atmosphere during the parade is extremely fun-filled and festive. You can ask everyone to stay with you throughout the night and take them to the parade with you.

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    You can also have a football party. While you are enjoying your festivities and people are over at your place, switch on the television and watch your favourite team play.

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    For children or school-aged people, shifting the party to another day is also a plan. Many children might not get the permission to stay the night or come that late, so you can shift your birthday party to another day when it is more comfortable for the majority to be a part of it. Maybe shifting the party to the weekend after the school starts sounds like a plan which will have a positive impact.

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    You can also have a winter themed party. Something like an ice skating party or something that might involve a lot of snow can actually amalgamate the holiday fever and your birthday.

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