How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve if you’re Pregnant

New Year’s Eve may get a little boring if you are pregnant. You can’t go out and have your usual drink and partying is just not an option. However, there is still a lot to do for a pregnant lady on a New Year’s Eve. If you there is time in your delivery, you can go out and enjoy the lights and some quality time with your family or even friends. However, if your due date is almost here, make sure that you let everyone know about your condition before you decide to move out. In case your pregnancy is high risk, consult your doctor before taking any step.


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    This is the best time to enjoy your time at home, with your husband. Since you are about to give birth, he will most definitely understand how things are and he will be more than willing to quit his New Year Eve’s plans just so that he can spend some quality time with you. Cook a nice dinner, or order it from a nice restaurant which is liked by both of you. Light a few candles and enjoy a candlelight dinner at home. Switch on the television and watch a movie with your significant other.

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    You can also opt for a dinner with your friends and family. If you want some noise in your house and you are growing tired of sitting alone, you should invite others from the family to spend some time with you. As mentioned before, you can either cook food or order it from a nice restaurant. Invite everyone over and spend some time with them. The ones you love will always make your night perfect.

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    If you are growing tired of sitting at home, maybe you should move out. Log on to the internet and search for all the good restaurants that are having New Year Eve’s celebrations. At times there are several concerts, fireworks and other celebrations taking place in the city; try to be a part of such celebrations. Make sure that you have consulted your doctor before you step out of the house.

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    Such times are remembered for years to come. Therefore, ask your husband to take you out for a walk or maybe a long drive. Do something which the two of you will think about when your baby grows up.

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    You can even opt for being a designated driver for your friends/family who have had alcohol and cannot drive on the night.

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