Unusual New Year Traditions

Do you celebrate New Years? Do you have certain traditions that are only from your area and you don’t see them elsewhere? New years would be so boring if everybody celebrated the coming of the New Year in a similar way right? If it was not for all the special traditions that people around the world celebrate whether its counting down till midnight across the global time zones, cannon balls getting fired or fireworks New Year would not be so intriguing.

Did you know that people around the world actually do weird and unusual things for fun on New Year’s Eve as well? Let us show you what unusual traditions around the world are and how people do them every year on this auspicious day.


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    The New Year Dive, the world’s deepest and largest freshwater reserve lake known as bikal, in Russia hosts a tradition on every New Year’s Day since 1982. Groups of professional divers cut a hole in the thick sheet of ice over the lake and dive straight in with freezing cold water with their diving equipment that weights somewhat around 100kgs, one diver takes a new year’s tree with him to the bottom of the lake bed while others follow him performing a dance around the tree. Later Photos are taken with the well known Ice Maiden and Father Frost who are renowned figures in Russia. This is a dangerous dive that professional scuba divers perform every year.

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    New Year at the Cemetery, Around 16 years ago back in 1995, a local family was sweeping tears on New year’s night while they were missing their father they could not resist being away from him so they jumped over the cemetery fence and spent the New Years eve with their father’s grave. Since then now more than 5,500 people follow this tradition every year in the small Chilean city of Talca, they prefer to spend their New Year remembering their loved ones who left them and lay in rest at the municipal cemetery.

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    A spiritual New Year, In Mexico people believe that they can contact the dead and communicate with their spirits, Mexicans are renowned for their famous ‘’Day of the Dead’’ tradition. While people count the clocks and shoot fire cannons around the globe, people in Mexico people prefer to spend some time with people who have left our realm, people pay up to $15 in the Taos inn, in Mexico to contact their dead relatives for a 15 minute session.

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    New Year Soap Opera, Ever wondered how people in Germany spend their New Year’s Eve like?  Well definitely not in-front of a television watching some ambiguous ‘’British television skit’’ or is it? As hard to believe as it may be but watching ‘’Dinner for one’’ on their televisions is what they prefer on New Year’s Eve it’s their tradition.

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    New energy New Year, in the city of Inca in Peru People from certain places come to visit the ‘’Womb of Mother earth’’ You might be wondering what it is it is called Temascal it involves a small wooden chamber that is covered by a cloth it represents a Womb, Cusco and Machu Picchu people still practice this ancient ritual of the Inca. A person steps inside the wooden chamber and his Aura is cleansed and they become purified as it they are reborn into this planet.

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