How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Toddlers

It is a great feeling to spend New Year’s Eve with your small ones. We all know that it is not even remotely the same as celebrating at the best club or going to the craziest party in town, but you can still enjoy yourself while marking the start of the New Year with toddlers and little kids.


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    The timing should be perfect

    Normally some kids go to sleep by 7 or 8 pm. Do not think of it as a bad thing and don’t make the little toddlers have to stress to stay up all night. You can do this by setting the clock ahead of time by a few hours so that the kids can celebrate at midnight as they don’t need to know its way earlier than the actual midnight time.

    On the other hand, kitchen is a good place to spend some ample time. Cooking with kids is always very enjoyable. While waiting for the New Year you can cook cookies, prepare dips and chips, or put together a nice meal. You can also cook something special to suit a new beginning. This can mark a new ritual for the start of your year.

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    Things to do at midnight

    When it’s about time, pour some sparkling cider into plastic champagne glasses. Note that avoid using glass as it can be dangerous when you have a toddler around you. Celebrate the New Year with your children and cherish the good memories from the previous year. Put on good music and throw confetti on each other. Moreover, don’t use the regular party hats.

    Wear your best dress and make the toddlers wear good clothes as well. Young boys can wear bow ties and vests, while the girls can wear jewellery, red lipstick and heels. Toddlers love dressing up, so make sure they put on fancy dresses in the New Year. Also remember to take lots of pictures to reflect the fun you had in the future.

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    Arrange a family party

    You should have a dinner with your little ones, celebrate at mock midnight, and then get a babysitter to take care of them while you sneak out with your better half. A date with your beloved husband or wife is great way to welcome the New Year. On the other hand, you can also spend the evening at home and have a party with just your close friends and family members.

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