How to Spot Fake Burberry Goggles

Burberry is the name of a well-renowned fashion house of Great Britain that manufactures various luxury products for both men and women. Their line-up products also include Burberry goggles, which are quite popular among the young generation of today. However, replica makers are making the Burberry devotees fools by producing their fake goggles, which are not only low in quality, but also damaging for the eye sight. In addition to this, buyers of fake Burberry goggles also repent over the cash they spend on the purchase of the product. Therefore, if you do not want to waste your money on a fake Burberry goggle then go through the information provided in this article that will help you spot a fake Burberry goggle.


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    Check the Authenticity of Burberry Goggles

    In order to spot fake Burberry goggles, a buyer must first look inside the arm of the spectacles where he or she can read "CE Made in Italy." It also displays the model number, arm length, nose bridge, lens diameter and colour code on its arm. However, if the arm only shows serial number then it’s a red flag for the buyer.

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    Check the Quality of Burberry Goggles

    To check the quality of the Burberry goggles, the buyer should open and close the arms of the frame. This will enable him/her to see whether the functioning of the arms is smooth and secure or not because fake products get rattled when they are jiggled. Moreover, the deprived quality of joints and screws of a fake Burberry goggle also make the opening and closing quite flimsy.

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    Inspect the Hardware of Burberry Goggles

    Inspect the hardware of Burberry goggles carefully to spot the fake spectacles. Check whether the metallic embellishment in the goggles is of metallic plaque or not. If not then it’s fake. In addition to this, verify that metallic embellishments can be extended till the joint and onto the lenses in some designs. If not, then it will not be a genuine Burberry goggle.

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    Read the Price Tag

    Also read the price tag of the Burberry goggle in order to verify its price because original spectacles of this brand usually cost from $170 to $240. Therefore, if you find anything below this price range then it is likely fake. Moreover, original Burberry goggles can be found with authentic dealers and not through street vendors or  some warehouse website.

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    Check the Accessories and Package with the Burberry Goggles

    The authentic Burberry goggles come with accessories and package, which includes a Burberry box together with a cleaning cloth and plaid patterned cover. If you find Burberry goggles in a drawstring or plastic bag then it is not an original piece.

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