How to Start a Career Development Center

Career Development centers have become a great source of information for people looking for advice on what line of career to choose. Moreover, it enables entrepreneurs and students to get familiar with the basic market trends and formalize their paths according to global needs.


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    Determine the location of your center, and incorporate it by finding a suitable name. Hire the staff you will need for counseling budding entrepreneurs and fresh graduates. It is likely that you would want the centre to be at the heart of your community, accessible to all your clients. This will mainly depend on the resources you are willing to put in.

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    Provide relevant training in all career paths. Don’t confine yourself to counseling or mentoring, as you will need to provide overall guidance to people regarding career paths to pursue. Therefore it is important that you catch the imagination of students who are entering their colleges, and those who are about to finish. Inform them on how they can update and improve their resumes. Also, some will be aiming to pursue higher studies, and therefore it is important that you help them find educational opportunities.

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    As you cater to young adults, inform them about other short-term programs, certifications which will create excellent career growth opportunities and expedite the process. Also most individuals will be on the lookout for switching career paths altogether and will require personal guidance. Therefore it is necessary that you know specific needs of people from all age groups.

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    Networking has become a crucial element where businesses and people thrive by maintaining positive relationships. For a career development center, this too is essential. As you are working on a smaller scale it is important that you connect with large businesses and counseling centers in order to better utilize your resources, and provide valuable insight to your clients. Moreover, networking with colleges and universities (local and overseas) will keep you in the loop.

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    Keep your clients updated with any resourceful workshops or job openings. Circulate a letter, or use email to inform entrepreneurs about certain events such as job fairs which will enhance their knowledge about their respective field.  Also keep students informed about certain internships which could enhance their expertise and help them gain practical knowledge.

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