How to Start a Clothing Brand from Scratch

Designing clothes and selling them is not a very easy task unless you are truly dedicated to it. If you are creative and find happiness in designing new clothes, you can excel in it surely. There is some home work you need to do before launching your own brand, it should be planned thoroughly. You need to keep in mind finances, logistics, legal requirements, supplies etc. Your clothes also need to be different to break through the clutter. Many businesses fail because they do not plan properly and launch in the market without surveying it first.


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    It is one of the most essential things to be considered before starting. Unless you have the required capital to get your supplies and other necessities, you cannot launch the business. Consider how much money you need for start up and if you will need to borrow some of it. Allocate your finances according to those needed for production and those for marketing. You will spend money to advertise and promote your clothing line and also to produce the clothes. Make sure you have enough stock when you start to sell, then monitor the sales for further production. As you will be new in the market, people won’t be aware of your brand and will not want to pay too much for the clothes. So start with low prices and raise them steadily judging the progress of your business and the prices of competitors.

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    You need to decide if all the designs will be your own or you will be showcasing some other designers too. Consider your market and then decide on the designs. If the people in the vicinity are of a mature age, go for elegant and graceful designs rather than too trendy. If your customers are young, you can experiment with bold colours, new styles and patterns. Do not include more than four colours in a single dress; it will be more of a tutti frutti ice cream than a decent dress. Take the opinion of your friends and family as they also are your potential customers. Those liked by the most people should be included in your introductory collection.

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    In order to create hype regarding your brand, market it well. Put advertisements in newspapers, magazines and distribute brochures and pamphlets. Make pages on social networks and also create your own website. The website should display your clothes to attract people and should also be interactive: answer any queries that customers have and keep it interactive. It should also be colourful and creative to attract people.

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    You need to concentrate on the production: supplies, colours, stitching, accessories etc. If the product is not worth it, it won’t sell. Pay attention to every detail and make contracts with those working for you. Hire employees who do work on time and also pay attention to the delivery of clothes.

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