How to Start a Job Recruiting Business

The key to starting a hiring company in any part of the world is creating relationships with companies and employees as well. Many interviewers who were unable to run their own companies successfully made the mistake of bonding with one part while ignoring the other part.

Your hiring company may look good on document but you need to show proficiency as a centre man between companies and candidates before creating a benefit. You can illustrate your capabilities by finding a professional market, making use of the newest assessment tools and by leaving out inappropriate candidates.

Hiring companies are also called staffing firms and headhunter organisations. They all hire candidates for organisations who have unfilled positions. Hiring organisations offer different types of positioning solutions. Directly hiring for available positions or contingency search for organisations are the standard in the hiring world.

Those organisations collect a fee when an applicant is hired by any organisation. With this type of service the company is paid in advance for any applicant hired by on organisation.


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    Before doing anything else, you must register your company and the business name with county government. Apply for all the required permits and licenses, satisfying the requirements of the regulatory body. There are some states which do not require a business license to operate as a consultancy firm, which allows you to work with peace of mind. Consider visiting the state website for information on how to obtain the license.

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    Prepare a detailed business plan. Register your business name and consider opening two bank accounts for your business. From one of the bank account, you will be clearing free while the other one will be used for operations. You will be to collect fee when you make direct hire placement. Typically, all the recruiting companies offer a guarantee period the money will not be earned until the period has expired, therefore holding the entire fee in one account is important in case refund to the clients is required. Consider obtaining two phone lines for your business. One of the phone lines will be the mainline while the other one will be used to receive fax documents.

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    Now consider determining the kind of services your recruiting firm will be offering to the clients. Try and secure a contract with Multinational Corporation as this is where you can make the big bucks.

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    Choose an effective and efficient software application that will help you find candidates. In this extremely competitive business, you will not stay in touch with your clients and potential applications almost all the time. Work on a marketing strategy and promote your business.

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