How to Start a Home Decorating Business

If you love to decorate homes and are creative, than a decorating business is the right option for you. Professional interior designers are certified but you can start with your home at a smaller scale. Practice your skills on your families and friends before taking a further step. Many people want to get into this field but have no clue on how to start. Here are some tips on how to convert your creative skills into a business.
Things Required:
– Business license
– Design software
– Computer
– Telephone
– Books of wallpaper, paint and carpet samples
– Marketing materials


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    Start by writing a business plan. You need to decide whether you will be selling decoration items or giving out consultancy to people. Research thoroughly on the current home decorating businesses in your city. Get an insight on their charges, designs, work portfolios; this will give you an idea of the market. Think about what is unique in your business and how will it be different from the others. Either offer different designs or use a low cost strategy to attract the market. Jot down all the things you will need and the finances required. To make it legal, get a business license from the city hall.

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    Get your designs and the equipment ready. Get design software so that you can show your designs to the clients in a professional manner. Purchase a computer, telephone, paint samples, carpet cuttings for interaction with clients. Get the latest magazine and books to be aware of the present trends. Do not fall prey to companies that ask you to purchase their samples every month. A portfolio is very important to prove that you know your stuff. Decorate your home in a stylish manner as your clients will judge how you have decorated your home. Take pictures and arrange them in a very creative portfolio. Ask your friends to decorate their houses as your initial projects.

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    Keep a contact list of all the companies who sell furniture, carpets, fabrics, flooring etc. make contracts with them. Take rates from different companies and make appropriate deals. Decorators have the privilege of getting discounted prices so do avail them. This will also help you in making profits. Another important thing is marketing you. Unless people know of your existence, they will not come to you. Also put your name in the list of businesses: publications, newspapers and online websites. Also make your own website; it should be colorful and interactive.
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