Sure way to raise venture capital funding

What does a venture capitalist want?

Every venture capitalist out there is looking for the next big high.  From the funds, which started recently to the ones who are considered blue chip, the need to find the next Google or Facebook is never ending.

What do the VC’s do to land the next big fish before it becomes big?  There are funds, which never invest in seed or early stage companies.  They are willing to pay much more but bet big on companies who have already reduced the chances of failure. Even these funds although they fund somewhat established companies, which have already gained momentum, do not make money on every investment. With all the experience, connections, failures and successes – figuring out which company is going to change dynamics is almost impossible or very hard to figure out.

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    Is there a Secret Sauce to investing?

    In today’s competitive investment world, there are angels, incubators, seed funds, early stage and late funds.  Each have their own way of evaluating opportunities and they carefully make their investments.  To some, Idea is important; to others it is the technology and whole lot of them, team dynamics.  The truth of the matter is still simple “no one knows for sure the secret sauce to 100% return”.


    This is the reason; every venture capital will spread their investments, to as many potentially lucrative deals as possible. They know most of the companies they invest in will not make it but that is the name of the game.  They are looking for the ones, which do turn the table. Those are the companies they will support fully. Those are the companies, which will provide returns to the Funds LP’s.  These companies are the ones, which are sought after and fought over by every venture capitalist that knows them.

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    Believe in your idea

    How do you make sure you standout and investors compete for your deal. Instead of pitching your company, what do you do so venture capitals are pitching their funds to you?


    Startup founders have one distinct advantage over the venture capitalists.  VC’s do not know what is the next big thing but every startup founder does.  We truly believe, what we are about to start is going to change the world.  I personally feel it’s the right stand to take, if you don’t believe in your own idea, hardly anyone else will go out of their way to convince you.

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    Here are helpful steps to get funded:

    Believing is a start,
    Having a good idea helps,
    Good co-founders increase changes of success,
    building a product that is easy to use and has a need in the market also helps, finding good investors, advisors and board members increases your chances


    But the biggest factor in getting the VC’s to chase you is:

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    Traction trumps everything else

    Gain traction fast and every VC in the world will be there with their cheque books, willing, ready and wanting to invest in you and your business.


    Don’t chase money, chase growth and money will follow.

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