How to Start Your Own Travel Agency

Setting up a travel agency business is easy but the industry is pretty tricky to operate in as you may face stern competition within the business. There is always the risk of losing your customers due to the increase in cost of travelling. However, by specializing in various travelling facilities, you can retain and attract customers, and make good money in the process.


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    It is important that you familiarize yourself with the work of a travel agent. The industry has certainly advanced and gone are those days where you simply booked an air flight ticket. You don't only have to assist travellers with all sorts of information, but provide them with certain packages which they can’t refuse. In order for the business to flourish you need not be an expert, but must have sufficient knowledge about certain factors, such as airlines, travel insurance, hotels, sightseeing tours and travel guides etc.

    You can further cater to a niche market, where you may deal with business clients, and make arrangements on their behalf.

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    Licensing may or may not be required for pursuing a travel business. Contact your state’s Department of License to check whether you need a license or not. However, you will be paying an upfront fee to initiate the business in your area.

    In other circumstances, you will be obtaining a franchise, where you will be splitting the profits. In order for the travel industry to take you seriously, you may need to join a trade association. The most renowned include the Association of British Travel Agents, along with Travel Trust Association and the Global Travel Group.

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    Find a suitable location for your business. You can start the business from home and begin building up your client base. However, you are in the business for making serious profit and for that you will need to think wise, and find a location in your area which matches your requirements. Find a space where you can accommodate two or three computers, and a sitting area. You will need one or two workers to assist you – assistant or finance accountant etc.

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    The next task will be to advertise your new business. If you have obtained a franchise, the franchisor will assist you with the major advertising work. However, for your satisfaction, you will need to create awareness in your area. A grand opening could be an intelligent move.

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