How to Open an AT&T Wireless Franchise

AT&T is currently the top wireless service provider in America. This is in large part due to the fact that they have the largest coverage across the country. As the sales of smart phones and tablets are exploding worldwide, getting a share of the wireless service providing business is extremely lucrative right now. Obviously starting your own business is tremendously expensive, so the best bet for you is to open your own AT&T Wireless Franchise. It can be a little tricky but if you have some money and are willing to work hard then you can open your own AT&T Wireless Franchise.


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    Understand the business:

    Carefully study the different options which are available to you through the AT&T Local Dealer Program. Go online and visit to get more information regarding the guidelines and requirements to get the dealership from AT&T. Be sure to understand the difference between franchises and dealerships. Currently AT&T offers exclusive dealerships and not franchises. This will help you organise your business effectively.

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    Authorised dealer options:

    If you already have a business which is dealing in mobile phones then you may become an authorised dealer for AT&T Wireless. Be sure to check their website for all of the details regarding the requirements to become their dealer. This will allow you to display signs in your business stating that you provide AT&T Wireless services and that you are an authorised dealer.

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    Go online:

    You will have to first visit and select the option of ‘Opportunity Contact List’. This will show you which areas are still open for dealerships. While going over this list, look for the contact information for the person in charge of that particular area.

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    Send information:

    Once you have located the person that is in charge of the area that you are interested in becoming an authorised dealer, send him or her a request for more information and forms. Be sure to fill out the appropriate information and provide all of the necessary details that are required. You will need to provide information about your business which includes the location, property information, financial status, sales information and other details.

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    Be patient:

    After sending this information you will have to remain patient as processing your information can take some time. Be sure to stay in contact with the person you sent the information to give periodic reminders to them.

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    If unavailable:

    If an exclusive authorised dealership opportunity is not available in your area then you might want to look in to buying an already established AT&T Wireless dealership that is already running and is for sale.

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