How To Become a Redbox Distributor

A film distributor is responsible for the distribution or marketing of the film. Redbox is a subsidiary of Coinstar which is an American based company has a rental of movie and game rental kiosks as well as coin cashing machines. The firm’s original function was the conversion of loose change into proper currency via coin counter kiosks.

Redbox specializes in the video games via automated retail kiosks, Blu-ray Discs and rental of DVDs.


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    Application process

    First of all you need to turn on your computer and open the internet browser e.g. the internet explorer. Then go to the Redbox official website.

    Go to Jobs at bottom of the page and click it. A new window will open with the title “Browse Open Jobs.

    Then click request a Redbox which is in the end of the page. Later click ‘Business Owners Start Here’ button.

    This will redirect you to a web based application.  It states that if your business has required number of customers then you can continue filling the remaining form.

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    Find out your weekly traffic

    You need to calculate your weekly traffic. It should be in an area which has almost 15,000 clients every seven days. Redbox allows the franchise in areas with less foot traffic but 15,000 customers per week is their normal criteria.

  • 3

    Determine the place for the Redbox

    Next you need to figure out where to place the Redbox. Redbox allows their machine to be placed both indoors and outdoors. You need to determine where to put your Redbox after looking at its safety as well. You will also be taking into account the area where you can get maximum customers.

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    You need to visit in order to check that your location is suitable or not. You can chat with the representatives present there or you can email the Redbox personnel. You need to request a location suitability form.

  • 5

    Fill out the details

    After receiving the form, you need to fill it out which asks the type of your business, site, location, average traffic and number of potential customers. You also need to tell why Redbox will do good business in that area.

  • 6

    Redbox representative will contact you

    After everything is done, a Redbox representative will contact you and will help you with the process of contracting with the company. You will choose an installation date and will get the information to what to do if the machine malfunctions.

    Also expected number of rented movie figures will also be given.

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