How to Start a Document Shredding Business

A document shredding business can be quite lucrative for anyone that is dedicated and has the ability to work hard. All companies around the world use shredders to destroy sensitive documents. There does not seem to be any shortage of documents that companies are looking to shred sooner or later. Many companies are now using the services of document shredding businesses to handle all the work for them. Starting your own document shredding business can be extremely lucrative as companies need to destroy tons of personal or financial data regularly. It is important to maintain integrity while dealing with other people’s identity and personal information. Like any business, starting your own document shredding business will need some money, hard work, patience and dedication.


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    Put Together a Complete Business Plan:

    It is important to put together a complete business plan before starting your document shredding business. This business plan will help keep you organised and can also facilitate any future funding opportunities from a bank or investor.

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    Identify Customers:

    When starting your own document shredding business it is crucial to identify the customers that you want to focus on. Understand the difference in document shredding needs between various sized businesses.

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    Understand your Customers Needs:

    In business your customer is everything. By understanding your customer needs you can easily develop the types of services you will provide. It is important to work with your potential customers as it will help you decide what types of equipment you will need to invest in.

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    Identify Location:

    Whether your document shredding business is going to be large or small it is crucial that you pick a suitable location for it. Working from home can save you money but is not considered very professional especially when dealing with large companies. Make sure your location is close to transportation to make it easy for you to pick up work or have it dropped off to you.

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    Purchase Document Shredding Equipment:

    Carefully decide the size and volume of the types of work that you will be doing to help you identify the document shredding equipment that is cost effective. Your equipment should be up to date and easy to maintain or service.

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    Be Flexible:

    Remain flexible when dealing with customer needs. Shredding other items like video tape, data reels, micro-film and other media is often done by large companies. Make sure that you are able to handle more than just paper to handle your client’s needs.

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    Develop Trust:

    Documents are shredded by companies to protect their customers from identity or financial theft. Companies will need to trust you with their sensitive documents and developing a policy regarding confidentiality is important.

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    Advertise Your Business:

    Getting the word out is important to increase your client base. Advertise your business at different office building where medium and large sized businesses are located. This will help you get the exposure you need for your new document shredding business.

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