How to Start a Towing Service

Starting a towing service can be profitable but it requires a lot of effort. With the considerably increase in the vehicles, the towing service industry has seen a drastic change in demand. Unlike many businesses, the towing business has a lot of potential and the market has not been fully captured but the real problem lies in one’s level of commitment and money. If you want to start a towing service, you should be prepared to work 24 hours a day as this business has no work timings. You cannot just buy a truck and start a towing service but you need to do proper planning about your business and obtain the license.

A towing service can require utilisation of a lot of resources and it is important that you make a wonderful business plan. The primary task would be to purchase towing trucks and choosing a viable location for an office, from where the trucks would be dispatched. Not to mention, you will also be required to obtain the license from your state.


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    You should make a feasible business plan for your towing service. The business plan includes all the details regarding what will be your business and how you wish to run the business. Mention the type of towing services you want to offer like illegal parking, breakdown or post accident service.

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    According to your finances and scope of the business, you should buy towing trucks. You can start the business from one truck but you will need more to expand your business.

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    Visit your county clerk’s office and fulfil the requirements to apply for your towing service license.

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    After the requirements are fulfilled, you will be granted the license to start your business.

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    You must insure your towing service business before starting operating the business, as you will be allowed to conduct the business before obtaining insurance.

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    Look for an ideal location for your business. Remember that location plays an important role in the success of a business. It is not necessary that you own the location of a business, if you lack the necessary funding, you can always rent out the place.

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    You must advertise your business through proper channel. Without advertisement, it is not possible to have a substantial clientele.

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    You should hire tow truck drivers for your business.

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    Do not forget to hire a receptionist who will take calls and dispatch drivers to different locations.

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