How to Start a Driving School Business

With world’s economy getting worse and worse, starting a profitable business these days have become extremely difficult these days. However, you should have confident in your abilities as there are some businesses that are benefiting from the recession. Starting a driving school to make money is one of these businesses. Unlike other business, starting a driving school to train young drivers does not require a heavy investment.

Additionally, you will be helping the government keep the roads safe by teaching your students useful driving techniques. People who take driving lessons are less likely to be involved in road accidents, according to a research. Teenagers, adults and even senior citizens have the need to test their skills to obtain a driving license. Occasionally, drivers with numerous collisions on their records are also required to retake the test. Therefore, by starting a company that offers driving lessons, not only you can help the people but you can also make decent amount of money.

Typically, driving schools focus on cars or commercial vehicles but you can also consider obtaining a license for the heavy vehicles. Before starting this business, however, you must get a large number of permits, certifications and licenses. You will need to choose a suitable insurance policy.


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    Firstly, consider visiting the office of the state website for the city or county where you want to run your business. Complete the application process to obtain all the required permits and licenses.

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    Contact the vehicle insurance companies and choose a suitable policy so accidents like fire, natural disaster, theft and your clients are protected.

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    Now it is the time purchase vehicles to train your students. Typically, the number of vehicles you own determines the number of students you can train.

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    Consider hiring contract instructors for your business. However, before you can teach your students how to drive, you must obtain a certification yourself. Operationally, it is easier to hire contract instructors.

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    Purchasing vehicles for instruction is where you will need to spend most of your money. Work out the monthly instalments you will be paying for your vehicles and the maintenance required. You can also look into offering a percentage of revenue from student’s fees to the instructors for providing the vehicles, gas and insurance.

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    Now investigate the state enrolment criteria to enrol students. Familiarise yourself with the licensing requirements for drivers and businesses.

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    Establish pricing structure and select a suitable fee for each lesson given to the students. Consider the costs of the services you will provide, your competitor’s rates and the operational cost.

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