How to Start a Dog Walking Business

The pet industry is getting bigger and more lucrative each day. Dog walking is one aspect of this and can be very profitable if you execute things properly and keep your clients happy by taking good care of their dogs. However, since you are dealing with animals and their well being would be your responsibility during the time they are with you, it is important that you follow some important steps before starting this business.


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    Do a little survey to see how many people have pet dogs in your area and see if they would be willing to pay someone to take their pets for a walk every day. You might be shocked by your findings; while people love to keep dogs as pets, they often do not have time to walk them on daily basis, but since dogs just cannot be cramped inside the house, the owners are always looking for someone to walk their pets.

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    The most important thing is prior experience of working with dogs. Your business will be a flop if you haven’t been working around dogs before. References from your previous employers are important.

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    Choose a catchy name for your dog walking service; remember it should be able to gain the attention of potential clients.

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    Arrange a proper billing system even before your business takes off as you will have to stay on top of your clients.

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    Take care of all the paper work. While many dog walkers run their business under the table, this is a bad choice as you are responsible for the safety of the dogs during the time the animals are with you. You will need a lawyer to help you in setting up a legitimate business.

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    While dog owners will give their animals to you along with leashes and harnesses, you should be prepared for anything and carry extra leashes, harnesses and collars. Furthermore, you need to carry water and treats for the dogs.

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    Learn all the routes as you need to know the streets on which you will be walking the dogs. If you are not acquainted with the territory, then get yourself a map and study the place.

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    Word of mouth is best for this business as the more people hear about you the more clients you will have.

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    Once your business expands, it is suggested that you hire some help. With people working for you, it can rapidly increase the number of your clients. However, the hiring process has to be scrutinised by you to give employment to only honest and hardworking individuals.

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