How to Start a Fundraising Business

Starting a fundraising business in not only an ethical thing but you can help many individuals fulfil their dream. Realising your social responsibility towards the society, you can take several steps to help people, one of them is the fundraising business. Such a business does not raise funds for just reason but they can cover couple of options like gathering funds for a local school, community college, any sports festival, arts program or raising a social cause.

Of course, you just cannot get of your bed and start the business, you have to follow the guidelines and fulfil the prerequisites. To ensure that your aim is to work in accordance with the law, you need to file in papers and register yourself before you could start a fundraising business.

Do remember, that it is not just about starting a business, you should be certain of things that you want to accomplish and plan the strategies regarding how would you succeed in your aim. You should have the sufficient manpower and a proper plan. Keep in mind that you would require a lot of donors, without them your business would be nothing.


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    Every business requires a mission and a vision statement, as these explains what your business is and where you want to be in the future. You should write unique and attractive mission statements. You should mention the types of program you aim to fund and how you intend to do it.

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    With a sound business plan, donors will never show their interest in your business. Therefore, you should plan out a proper business plan which covers the description of your business, your aim for growth, your requirement for the staff and estimate expenses.

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    Fundraising business are often tax exempted. You can file in the particulars for tax exemption but first you should obtain your employer identification number and then fill out the documents required by IRS.

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    Now is the time to make your fundraising plan. You should make a schedule of the events you want to cater and donation plan, as you do not want any overlapping here.

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    You choose your board of directors wisely as the strategies they devise and their reputation will play a key role in gaining trust of the donors. Make a list, call the suitable candidates and then finalise your board of directors.

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    You should try to add as much donors to your business as possible. Start within the family and friends, then contact local businesses for help. Here, the important part is that you should keep your donors in contact otherwise you might lose them.

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