How to Start Your Own Day Spa Business

Starting a day spa can be a very profitable business, offering customers several personal care and beauty treatments alongside pools, sauna and other facilities.


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    The first step is always related to finances. You will need considerable resources to even start a business of modest proportions. Without cash reserves there isn’t much you can do.

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    Research the market by visiting other spas and talking to owners about their experiences. Find out what the competition offers before starting up your own business.

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    Once you know what other spas are offering, it is time for you to decide which services you will be providing. In a spa, massages, steam rooms, hair, nail and skin care are usually the basic offerings.

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    It is advised that apart from the basic services, you should offer treatments such as hot stone massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy and waxing to draw clients to your spa.

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    Find a suitable location which will be convenient for your employees and clients. It is advisable to lease an area before actually buying one just in case your business fails to earn you the profit that you were expecting. By leasing, it will be easier for you to move to another location or close down your business without major financial loss.

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    This cannot be a one-man show, so your next step should be hiring trained personnel. You will require massage therapists, stylists and support staff. The screening before the hiring of staff should be personally handled by you to make sure you hire people who are competent, licensed, and capable of providing excellent customer services to keep your clients coming back.

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    Before opening the business for customers, it is compulsory to obtain all the required licenses from the concerned local authorities. Remember you will require a business license along with licenses regarding spas, massage and skin care. Everything you do and the services you offer should comply with the legal requirements of you locality or state.

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