How to Start a Greeting Card Business from Home

Times are tough, and if you are looking to add another source of income, then the greeting card business can be the right option for you. Starting this business at home does not take much All it takes is a little passion and flare for creative writing. As for marketing your business, you will only need a bit of money and time.

If you think that your writing is good enough to attract readers, then you have what it takes to start a greeting card business. You will be surprised to know the scale of this seemingly small industry. The industry generates, on average, $ 7 billion worth of business each year, and is growing by the day. More and more people are joining this industry, as it does not take a lot of capital and resources to get the business off the ground.

The scope of this business is massive, as just about everyone receives or sends greeting cards to their friends and relatives on different occasions all year. So, the demand usually remains stable. However, beating the competition will take some unique marketing skills and tactics.


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    Do a speedy market research

    Before you get down to business and start creating greeting cards, make sure you know the level of competition you will be up against, also a quick scan of the location and target market will give you a precise reading on how to get started. Try to assess the demand of the products by visiting different markets in your area. The visit will also help you see what designs are in these days.

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    Choose what type of writing you will focus on

    There are several types of creative writing and focusing on all of them will be impossible for you in the initial stages of your home-based business. You can write on comedy, romance and greetings (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Eid and festivals like Halloween, etc.).

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    Get all the materials for card making and writing

    Greeting card writing will usually require paints, different colours, cards, and paper sheets. Come up with your own designs, if you want to attract a large number of buyers.

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    Get in touch with local stores

    Start with your area where your business is located, and find stores that sell greeting cards. You can ask these stores to put your finished product on display. If your designs are catchy, they might be interested in putting the cards on their shelves. You can negotiate how much money will be given to the store owners for letting you display your product.

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    Create a website

    Create a website or a blog and start marketing your greeting card business through the medium.

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