How to Find a Venture Capital Lawyer

Venture capital is a form of investment in which a capitalist provides funds for a new company. Though, this involves high risk but the venture capitalists gain unassailable control over company. They are basically the back seat drivers who enjoy all the authority without any major responsibility.

However, this type of partnership gives birth to many disputes and eventually there comes the need of a venture capital lawyer. No matter if you are a venture capitalist or the owner of company, you should hire a good lawyer to protect your stakes.

Finding a competent lawyer is not an easy task but you can do it by following couple of simple tips.


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    Know your requirements:

    First of all, you should determine your requirements as this exercise will help you in making a list of those qualities that you want your lawyer to have. You may need a lawyer for making contracts, financial disputes, litigations, government regulations etc. Try to select a lawyer who can handle all these things at the same time.

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    Plan your budget:

    Budget is another important thing while looking for a good venture capital lawyer. You must know that you will have to spend a significant amount of money to hire a professional lawyer. Though, you can save money by hiring an intern but it is better to protect your stakes by spending few extra bucks.

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    Your next step will be to notify the relevant people. Make an attractive ad and get it published in a local news papers. You may also use internet for this purpose as there are countless websites that offer free space for job announcements.

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    Get Referrals:

    If you have contacts in business community then ask your friends to suggest you a good lawyer. However, it does not mean that you will hire an attorney blindly. Rather, you should call that person and enquire about his/her expertise. If the person satisfies you then you can formulate a contract and hire him/her.

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    Seek a trust worthy lawyer:

    You should select a person who has strong moral values and can be trusted. You cannot hide anything from your lawyer so it is very important to get a person who will not act as a mole, and sell you out. To ensure all this, you should contact professional law companies as they will assign their representative and you won’t have to worry about the confidentiality.

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