How to Start Your Own Sweet Shop

Sweet lovers can hardly resist without Luscious pastries, chocolates and tempting desserts. That’s why even a small pastry shop, when opened in a good location, can help the owner in earning good money and stable income.

Original recipe’s, a varied range of products and quality control will help turn into a thriving sweet shop and dynamic business. In some countries, people consider it mandatory to include sweet dished after lunch and dinner. That’s why this business can turn into a promising and profitable business.

However, keeping confectionery business is quite a hard task. This is because the nature of goods sold, in addition, in this business, there is quite a lot of competition, markets, and you can hardly find any suitable place to open up your business without significant amount of money.

Opening confectionery point is undoubtedly a costly project in terms of finance. If you decide to start a business, the main thing is to find a good place on a rent after correctly calculating and organizing everything. Experts believe that the point of the confectionery pays less than a year and a half.


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    At the initial stage, the required investment can be up to $ 30,000. This includes the procurement of necessary equipment (cookers, kneading, pastry tables, etc.), rent an area of at least 200 m ², purchase of raw materials and design and the documentation cost. In addition, to deliver products to the point of sale cannot be done without personal vehicles. Depending on the size and locality, rental companies may charge you a couple of thousands.

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    Careful selection of staff to consider the product range and the number of stores is necessary. Shop may consist of 7-12 people, among them - the team of highly skilled confectioners (on which the quality of products mainly depends), the baker and his assistant, as well as account manager and customer service staff for a booking.

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    Need to take care of the markets. In the initial phase, when production is not very large, it is necessary to adjust work with small shops. With the expansion of the range, as well as the stabilization of production and quality control, we can start cooperation with major retail chains.

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    Even with its own network of stores, serial products (cakes) must be at least ¾ of the total. Many exclusive cakes made with natural products, it will be difficult to implement due to their high cost. In addition, this ratio would be best to meet the needs of most customers.

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