How to Start a Florist Shop

Whether you are interested in flowers or flower arrangements, having your own florist shop can be a very lucrative venture for you. There is always a demand for quality flowers and flower arrangements for parties, weddings and other social functions. If you are hard working and have some interest in flowers then with a little money you could get started with opening your own florist shop in your area. Although it might be challenging but if you follow some basic guidelines then starting a florist shop can be a relatively basic process.


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    Develop business plan:

    Make a detailed comprehensive business plan to help keep you organised. Be sure to put all of your ideas in this plan as it will definitely assist you in getting potential investments or quite possibly even a loan from the bank.

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    Understand budget:

    Make sure that you make out a realistic budget that you should follow. Have all of the necessary provisions in your budget for all of you expenses.

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    Get permits:

    Check with the local Chambers of Commerce in your area and get all of the proper permits filled out. There are plenty of resources which help small businesses get started and you should look into all of the possible requirements that will be needed before starting your own florist shop.

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    Hire lawyer:

    You might want to hire the services of a lawyer as he or she can help you set up your business and register it in your area. A lawyer can also help you get all the necessary paperwork and permits completed properly. Remember that a lawyer will be expensive so keep a provision for this in your budget.

  • 5

    Find location:

    Look for an area that is reasonable but at the same time it should be in a high visibility area. You can either rent or buy a property depending on your budget. Get help from a real estate agent as he or she is in a better position to understand your needs.

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    Link with suppliers:

    You will have to link with flower suppliers and other companies that deal with flower storage equipment. Be sure to deal with reputable companies that are willing to take smaller orders in the beginning to help you get your business started properly.

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    Advertise / Marketing:

    Be sure to advertise and market your new florist business in your area. You can use newspapers, radio, internet and television to help you. Remember to keep in mind your budget before starting any type of advertising campaign. You can even develop your own website to help people find your new florist shop.

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