How to Start a Wedding Consultant Home Business

In this business you get to plan the dreams of couples in love and be your own boss, making is a dream job for those who do not like a supervisor breathing down their neck.


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    This is a tricky business which needs a lot of dedication and hard work. Your first step should be to plan how you will handle all the aspects of this business.

  • 2

    You need to consult other people who run this business, or professionals, in order to assess the requirements you will need to meet.

  • 3

    Create a catchy business name and get it registered in your state; however, if you plan on using your own name then there is no need for registration.

  • 4

    It is very important to finalise your packages and have contractual agreements in place which you will have your clients sign before you begin. This will give the couples a clear picture of what services to expect from you.

  • 5

    A certification will add more credibility to your resume and ensure that clients feel more comfortable contracting you for major events.

  • 6

    You need to have a good relationship with local wedding vendors as you will have to recommend vendors to the couple. It is important to have a list of almost all the wedding vendors in your locality.

  • 7

    Ask the vendors about discounts if you agree to bring them clients. Remember the more you move in the wedding consultant circle the better connected you will become, making it easier for you to recommend someone.

  • 8

    Promotion of your business is vital. Word-of-mouth isn’t enough so you need to advertise yourself by making a website and putting all the relevant information on it. Always remember to place your contact number on the website, making it possible for everyone to reach you. Posting testimonials from the brides is an excellent way to boost your business.

  • 9

    Advertise your business in local wedding magazines and become a trusted name in the wedding planning community.

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