How to Start a Travel Agent Business

Starting a travel agency is one of the easiest businesses to start, even if you do not know the real tricks of the trade. However, you should be adventurous and innovative to suggest interesting places and plan economical trips for your clients.

Moreover, this business does not require much start-up cash as your clients pay you in advance to book their tickets of plane, cruise or an event. There are several ways to start a travel agent business but if you are a small investor then it is always better to start from the basic level.

Mostly, it is believed that one needs to undergo a lengthy and complex process to start a travel agency but you can minimise the difficulty level by going through the proper channel.


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    Visit the local office or licensing department of your state and ask whether you need to get a license or not. Sometimes, you do not need a permit to start a travel agency but in most of the countries you need to pay some fee for the certification.

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    Prepare your business plan as it will help you to decide what should be done first to provide a solid foundation to your business. Moreover, if you need some additional funds to invest then this business plan will help you to convince the investors.

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    You need to open at least two bank accounts to handle all the transactions. You should ask for online banking as sometimes you need to transfer funds online. Keep your savings and clients’ money in separate accounts.

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    After going through all the paper work, it is time to do some field work. Contact other established travel agencies and ask for package deals. This will not only help you to offer economical packages to your clients but you can also make some extra money through commission.

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    Joining hands with other travel agents, does not mean that you should not have a solo flight. You should work on registering your agency as an independent organisation. Advertising is the best way to register your presence in the market. Use print and electronic medium to publicise your travel agency.

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    You should join clubs and societies of travel agents as it will establish your credibility and the customer will trust you easily. You can find different national and international associations on the internet.

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    Now you have the green light to go so start booking tickets for your clients.

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