How to Start a Comic Book Store

The growth of digital media has certainly had its adverse impact on the traditional books which are slowly losing their market share. Today, more and more people prefer to download books instead of buying from an actual book store. Even comics book publishers now offer downloadable versions for customers. Nonetheless, with this going on, opening a comic book store is still a safe business as comic books aren’t just read, they are collectables. Before opening your own comic book shop, there are certain factors that you have to take into consideration in order to avoid a disappointing outcome.


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    Its good if you are a comic book reader yourself; however, if you are not, you will need to familiarize yourself with the industry, the artists, different writers, various issues, brands, fans and popular culture.

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    The next step is to scout for a location. Remember comic book stores are small and simple, so you may not need a big shop to begin your business. Select a location which is easily accessible for younger people.

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    Before opening your shop, you need to take care of all the legal work in your respective area. Visit your local government office to get requisite permits for a business and make sure the paperwork is complete.

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    Contact the distributors to have the editions delivered to your shop. You will have to place an order for the number of copies you want. Placing an order for previous editions is also recommended.

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    Arrange a grand opening; hire students to dress up like superheroes for this event. Serve beverages to your customers as sales should not be your objective on the opening day. If people are impressed by the opening party they will automatically visit again to buy the comics they need.

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    Apart from a big opening, you need to have a solid marketing plan which would require you to distribute flyers all around town to let everyone know about your store.

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    Besides mainstream genres, you should add graphic novels and underground comic books in your inventory. People can get a superman or a batman comic book from anywhere but if you provide certain exclusive genres, you can attract loyal customers.

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