How to Start a Fragrance Business

The idea may over whelm some people but the good news is it’s totally possible. In order to start a perfume business you need some personal aesthetic sense and also some knowledge to manage a business. If you do this properly, it could give you excellent profits. You should have the courage to take risks and research various scents, develop contacts with suppliers and also take out time to run a website. There are many options available for customization of fragrances and their distribution. Read below to get some insight on how to start.


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    Start by writing a business plan; it is a hedge against failure. Anything on paper is tangible and easy to understand. It should consist of your mission; goals, product offerings, suppliers, budget etc. keep your plan updated according to your progress. At this point also decide how many products you will offer. There are many options you could include: lotions, perfumes, body washes etc. research different recipes of perfumes to make appealing smells. Blend various scents that complement each other. Now you should decide on a wholesaler who will provide you with the ingredients needed. You should research different wholesalers and decide which one suits you. Contact them and do meetings to discuss the arrangements. Next point is deciding your distribution. Some of the options are: online, retailers or your own store. Analyze your potential target market and chose distribution accordingly.

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    Consider the perfume bottles you will use. There are different shapes, sizes and colours in the market. Choose it according to your taste and the volume of fragrance that you will sell in each bottle. Discuss the costs and units of bottles required for a batch. Also look into sample sizes as buyers like to get samples before the actual purchase.  Your business should have an identity so decide on a name and a distinctive logo. Print that logo on publicity materials. Marketing is important to get your message to the target market, so print pamphlets, business cards, banners etc. Decide on the packaging of the final product so that it is pretty to look at and safe for distribution.

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    Get a license for your business so that there are no legal issues. After the legalities are dealt with, market your business. Marketing is important to get your message to the target market, so print pamphlets, business cards, banners etc. if you are opening a store, have a grand launch to grab peoples attention. Keep your website very interactive and up to date. Publish monthly newsletters and also email to relevant customers.
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