How to Start a Crime Scene Cleanup Business

Starting a crime scene cleanup business is not for anyone. Cleaning up after a crime can be a very traumatic experience. Having the proper technical knowledge and the fortitude to clean or decontaminate dangerous pathogens is important. Although laws vary, it is usually the homeowner that is responsible to clean the premises after a suicide or crime has occurred. Unfortunately, most large cities are still plagued with violent crime and the need for crime scene cleanup is relatively high. This type of cleaning business is in a niche market as there are not many that have what it takes to clean up after a crime has taken place. If you are not squeamish then starting your own crime scene cleanup business can be very lucrative.


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    Understand the Technical side of Crime Scene Cleanup:

    It is very important to understand all of the technical aspects of crime scene cleanup. The different methods and chemicals used to decontaminate can be difficult to apply. Before starting your own crime scene cleanup business learn about all that you can about the business to help you develop services that you will provide.

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    Develop a Business Plan:

    Developing a complete business plan will help you to have a general framework which can be used to convince investors and banks to help with money. Also, having a complete business plan will definitely keep you organised and help you identify your needs.

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    Obtain Necessary Permits:

    Crime scene cleanup can sometimes involve dealing with human blood, tissue and fluids. Make sure you get the proper biohazard permits that will allow you to decontaminate any potential pathogens you might encounter. Also, disposing of waste in an appropriate manner must be observed according the laws where you live.

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    Get Legal Coverage:

    Hire a good lawyer to help you start your crime scene cleanup business. He can help fill out necessary paperwork and permits for you. Always make sure to cover your legal issues early to avoid unnecessary problems down the line.

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    Purchase Crime Scene Cleanup Equipment:

    Having the right equipment is crucial for a successful crime scene cleanup business. It is important to buy equipment and chemicals that you can handle. Also, try to identify the size of your average cleanup jobs to help decide on the types of equipment you might need.

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    Develop Services:

    Carefully develop the different types of crime scene cleanup services that you will provide. Crime scenes can vary and the scope of the cleanup work can also be unpredictable. Organising your services will help your customers.

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    Hire and Train Staff:

    Hire and train staff that you will need to successfully operate your crime scene cleanup business. This type of work is not for everyone, especially those sensitive towards cleaning blood and other human tissue or fluids. Be sure to properly train your employees on the latest cleaning methods and chemicals.

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    Build Contact Base:

    Develop contacts within the fire and police departments in and around your area. Also, various paramedics or ambulance services can be useful in getting new information on cleanup opportunities.

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