How to Start a Non Medical Transportation Company

Non medical transportation company works for those with any kind of disability who are unable to use public transport. Many in the world get help and assistance from this business but at the same time it is highly profitable as well. Though you are giving a good service to people who are unable to use public transport but at the same time you are also making tons of money with this growing business. This will give help to those people who are not able to travel through local buses and other means of regular transportation.


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    Understand the purpose

    If you are planning to start a non medical transportation company, you should first understand the purpose why you are going into this business. You should research whether this service is needed in certain areas or not. You should also make sure that your service will provide people with a good safe means of transportation.

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    Get a vehicle

    You should obtain a vehicle and start your non medical transportation business. Remember that you should make sure that your vehicle has a lift for wheelchairs. Many people with different kinds of disabilities know that using public transportation will not be an easy thing but if they get any vehicle that has the facility to transport their wheelchairs to certain place is very convenient.

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    Limited liability corporation status

    This step will keep your personal business separate from your other business and in case of any lawsuit; it will also give you some legal benefits.

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    Driving license

    Driving license is also important to start your own non medical transportation business. You can get information from the Department of Motor Vehicles as to what kind of driving license you will need in this particular business. Mainly they will need a proper application from you and can ask certain questions about the business you are going to do.

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    Getting a good insurance plan is also important for your non medical transportation business. In case of any uncertainty, you will need an insurance plan which will cover your valuable assets.

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