How to Start a Concession Trailer Business

You may have to change your career if you are looking to start a concession trailer business. Although it is an excellent business opportunity, starting a concession trailer needs a lot of consideration and thought. Changing your career at any stage of life is a stressful idea. You need to make sure that you are financially stable and capable of this move.

Typically, it is difficult to make enough money to maintain your current living standards in the first couple of years of the business. However, if you want to be your own boss and like meeting new people, then starting a concession trailer may be the perfect choice for you.

Concession trailers are commonly seen at parties and other various types of events. You will have an excellent opportunity to make money at large festivals and annual events. Concession trailer business is seasonal and the owners usually make their money in the spring and summer seasons of the year. To succeed in a highly competitive environment, however, you will need do planning and preparation in advance.


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    Consider choosing a specialisation or niche for your business. You could choose to sell burgers and fries, sandwiches, cotton candy, pizzas, snow cones, creamy cakes or nachos, pancakes or fried fish from the trailer. Some trailer concession owners sell a variety of foods and meals to maximise their profit level. Others focus on one or two products to provide excellent customer services. However, you must develop an effective marketing plan to attract the audience on special occasions.

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    You will need to find out about the events and parties where you can sell food or other products from your concession trailer. Always keep an eye on craft shows, street car shows, flea markets or annual festivals and carnivals. You need to make sure that owning a concession trailer is feasible in your area before obtaining permits and buying expensive equipment.

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    Choose a suitable business name and register your business with the local state office. Apply for all the required permits and licenses required to run a concession trailer business in your region. If you are going to sell food, you will be required to obtain food handlers certificate and food manager’s certificate to sell food at an event. Get the permits six weeks before you plan to launch your business.

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