How to Start a Resistance Training Routine

Resistance training is not an easy task to do as it requires commitment, devotion and endurance. You’ll need to commit yourself to the cause and exercise without skipping a single day in order to ensure that you’ve reached your desired level of endurance. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the gym, what matters is how you spend it. You need to have a productive schedule if you want to develop your body the way you want it to look like.


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    No workout routine can be started without enrolling yourself in a gym or setting up the workout equipment at your home. You’ll need all the necessary items to ensure that you can develop a schedule for the workout routine. Find a place nearby your house if you’re looking for a gym, as it would be easier to go there and you won’t have to waste time in traveling from your home to the gym and vice versa. Moreover, try looking for people who would be interested in being your gym partners. It’s always a good thing to have company around you.

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    Once you’re located the gym you want to join, the next phase is to decide what you want to do. Setting realistic goals for that is important as it helps in determining your direction. Make sure that you don’t get too enthusiastic while deciding on goals and objective because they might end up being too hard to complete, which would eventually be depressing for you. Goals also help you decide that whether you want to train for endurance or gaining mass.

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    Come up with a routine for your exercising schedule. You need to allot days to each particular exercise that you’ll be doing. Moreover, you’ll also have to decide how many sets that you need to do for each exercise. Seek the advice of the trainer or a friend who’s a regular and ask them to help you plan your schedule.

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    One of the benefits in working out in a gym is that you learn from watching people doing their daily exercises. This develops a better understanding of how you should do the exercise right. Don’t feel shy to study the people around you; it’s OK for people to watch while they’re exercising in the gym. Don’t hesitate.

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    Make sure that you don’t miss out the gym even for a single day. In order to undergo successful resistance training you’ll need to be totally devoted. And in order to exhibit that devotion, you’ll have exercise every day of your planned schedule, no matter what.

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