How to Start an Ostrich Farming Business

Building and ostrich farm on a commercial basis can help you make a steady stream of cash every year, but there are several complications and details which have to be taken care of, before you invest capital and resources in the business.

The things that may worry you at the beginning include land (where you will build the farm), time, and people/staff to maintain day-to-day activities on the farm. Once you arrange the necessary resources, you will want to buy ostriches for the farm. Ostriches can help you earn money in the form of meat, eggs and feathers.


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    Choose the right site for farm

    Choosing the right site for your farm is the key to building a stable business. The size of the land where you will build the farm is important. Roughly, you will need ¼ t0 ½ acre land for a pair of ostriches. The area used for keeping a pair of ostriches has to be covered with a pole type fence (measuring up to 5 foot).

    Since the land you will buy might not have shades or shelter, you will want to give your ostriches some cover, helping them protect themselves in the winter and summer season. Shelter or shades will also protect the ostriches in the rainy season.

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    Decide what types of ostriches you will raise

    Choose the type or types of ostriches you will be raising at the farm. There are dozens of different types and you will have to take into account their selling potential and demand on the market.

    Another thing that you should take into consideration while choosing a type of ostrich is the region and area (country) you will be serving in. For instance, blue neck ostrich is popular in South, West and North African countries while red neck ostrich belongs to East Africa.

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    Determine the number of ostriches you will raise at the start

    You cannot afford to rush and fill up the farm with a dozens of pairs at the start of the business. Most of the resourceful business owners start their farm with as many as 20 pairs, but it may not be the case with someone who has little resources and a small capital.

    It is recommended that you start the business with as many as 5 to six pairs and grow it gradually. Lack of experience may hurt you and the business if you buy ostriches without any proper planning.

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    Determine what market you will serve

    Decide whether you will be dealing in meat, eggs or feathers. If you decide to deal in meat, selling eggs may not be as easy an option as you think.

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