How to Start Up Your Own Football Club

Starting a new football club is something many people dream of. However, there is a reason why dreams remain dreams and rarely realise. And in the case of opening a football club this is very true. Each day, many people plan to form a football club that will woo over the audience and will become a regional powerhouse. However, most of these plans are foiled for many reasons with the financial aspect being one of them. But that does not mean that you should not try starting a football club.


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    If you are really interested in opening a football club that will dominate the football scene in your region, you need to come up with a name. However, you need to come up with a really catchy name first. The name could be anything, from the region you live in to the type of trait you feel your club will exhibit. Football clubs are about regional unity so it will be best if the name pays homage to the area.

    For instance, you can name your club as Transylvania United or Red Bull FC or the Green Hornets.

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    Now that you have a name for your club, it’s time to start some serious scouting or talent hunting to be more precise. A football club without players is like a horse without its rider so you need to have a pool of good players at your disposal. If you already know a few good players, that does not mean that your recruitment stops there. You need to take trials of players who you think will help the club become a force to be reckoned with in the near future. Once you are able to finalise on a roster, you need to make sure that the players stay and don’t leave.

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    In most areas, you need to show a pool of players, a ground and kits to register your club. If you have an area where you can train, your club will be registered by a local football governing body. Once the registration is done, you will be invited to play in various tournaments.

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    Bear in mind that the local league directors require a new club to start from the bottom most division. However, just because your new club has started life in the lower echelons, it doesn’t mean that you won’t progress in future. Keep on winning as many games as you can and in a few years time, you might start jumping up the league.

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