How to Start Winning Arguments

People tend to get into arguments all the time, this is because it is human nature to always feel like what you are saying is right, and that what the other person is saying is wrong. For this very reason, it is very important to be able to go on and win arguments without having to end up listening to someone else.a

It is no easy task to win arguments, since a lot of people probably have a lot more experience than you at doing so. People have been arguing over the smallest of things since the dawn of time, and they are going to keep arguing practically forever.

As a result, it would be smart for just about everyone to learn the art of arguing, so they don’t get left behind in the future, when an argument does take place.


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    Be loud

    One of the crucial ways to win an argument, is to always be loud. This way it seems like you know what you are talking about, even if you might not. Being loud also tend to throw off the other person, and hence gives you an opening. Make sure that you are very loud and authoritative when speaking, in order to shift the tide of the argument.

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    Always look to interrupt the other person when they are talking. If they don’t get a chance to talk, then they can’t really win the argument in the first place. However, you need to time your interruptions. Make sure you get loud as soon as the other person is about to hit the punch line of their argument. This way, their reasoning seems rather flawed and it seems like they might have been wrong, even if they were right.

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    Use hands

    Another way to win arguments, is to incorporate hand movement in your arguments. Using hands will make people get distracted and shift their focus. However, since it is your own hand that is moving, yow won’t be thrown off with it. It is a great tool that you have at your disposal, so use it wisely.

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    Be random

    Another way to win an argument, is to throw off your opponent by being random. Be random while arguing and say things at random. They won’t be able to follow through on your conversation and would have to admit defeat, despite you not making much of a point at all as well.

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