How to Stay Hydrated

More than 50% of the human body is made up of water, which means it is essential for survival. Your body functions properly due to several chemical processes taking place inside your cells, all of which require water. Even your waste removal system works with water, which should convey to you the importance of proper hydration.


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    Note your water consumption

    Contrary to what you might think, you will not die of hunger but lack of water will kill you within a week. Never make the mistake of underestimating your body’s need for water and keep a check on your water consumption to prevent dehydration. The recommended water intake for an average person is 8-oz. a day, but you can increase it according to your climate and level of physical activity.

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    Check your urine

    Your urine is the best indicator of your hydration levels. If your urine is slightly yellow or colorless, your body is fully hydrated. However, a darker urine indicates a higher concentration, which means your body reserved water due to inadequate intake on your part.

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    Recognize the symptoms

    People commonly ignore the symptoms of dehydration and don’t consider the fact that their body might need more water than they are consuming. If your mouth feels dry, you feel lethargic or have frequent headaches there is a strong possibility that you are dehydrated. Remember, the signals your body gives you are late and indicate that it is already dehydrated. This means you should not wait to feel thirsty before you start drinking water.

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    Eat foods with water content

    Along with actual water consumption you should look into dietary choices which you can incorporate in your daily routine for their hydration qualities. Foods which can help include watermelon, lettuce and tomatoes. Milk, fruit juices, soups and beverages also have water, but some beverages, like coffee and sodas can actually worsen dehydration.

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    Adopt better habits

    Staying hydrated is not about one day or one week, it is about making lifestyle choices and adopting habits that ensure that you are always healthy. You should carry a water bottle with you to work so you can sip on it during the commute. If you find it hard to drink so much plain water, you can flavor it lightly using lemon juice etc. You should also drink water before a meal and before going to bed. Not only will proper water consumption keep you hydrated, it will also help maintain a healthy weight.

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