How to Stop a Casino Gambling Problem

Excessive gambling has brought grief to families all around the world because the core line is that casinos always win. After a player has seized the hope of winning the prize, he not only gets into debt but ruins his career in the long run.

Of course, if you have make gambling as one of your priorities in life, a source of constant family conflict or a means to pull all the money, remains evident.

There is little arguing to the statement that you can hardly win one time and lose money, time and your loves one in the near future. Therefore, at some point when you realize a clear desire to quit gambling, this is the first step in quitting this questionable and unhealthy habit.


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    To stop playing, stay away from the casinos and even online games. Do not tell yourself, "I'll play just for once." To stop playing, give all your money to a spouse or a friend you trust. The lesser the money, higher are the chances to avoid going to a casino.

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    Find the root of the problem. This will be the first step to getting rid of gambling. If a person regularly spends his free time on casino machine or tables such a roll-a-dice, black jack and poker, he should consider spending his time in fishing, gardening or any other time-taking activity.

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    Identify the form of manifestation of dependence. This will determine the course of treatment. There are both paid and free slots which are usually immersed in a virtual world of excitement.

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    If a person with a gambling addiction has a penchant for creative self-expression, it may serve as a magic pill. In that case, discuss your problems with your family or loved ones. In short, redirect the energy in a different direction.

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    Try sparing sometime alone, take a pen and paper to write down how much money you have wasted and earned through casino so far. If gambling activity results in a significant gap in the family budget, it is necessary to understand that the game is not worth it. Think about what could have you done with the wasted money.

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