How to Get a Room Comped at a Casino

If you are going to Las Vegas or are already there and have gambled, it is not too late to mull about getting a room free of charge. You should plan some time before you leave for Vegas as it can make the comping more comfortable and can save you some additional cash to gamble with when you get to the city. There are a number of effective ways to get your room comped at a casino.


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    Create an account at the casino beforehand

    Write ahead to know if you can set up an account at the casino before you get there. You can most probably get a free room, if you send $5000 to $10000 ahead or put this much amount in your account when you reach Vegas. Many people think why a guy with an extra $5000 to $10000 would want to get a free room. We all know they have no use for it, but saving cash here and there is an efficient way to collect more money. It is also a smart technique for maximizing money.

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    Keep some money aside

    Take out a couple of thousand from your casino account each day to make it feel like you are losing money. Make sure that you play a hand at all the tables. Draw the money and move it to the safe in your room even if you win or lose. Search for a place to get money orders, and if you want transfer it to a money order to yourself. This will be effective and easier for you if you want to spend more cash on gambling in the future.

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    Keep contact with casino

    Get in touch with the casino from time to time to see if the room will be comped. On the other hand, taking out money on a daily basis doesn’t necessarily work as casinos have now a number of ways to track losses. Therefore, you just need to ask for a comp to get the free service.
    Moreover, ask for a slot card to a nearby casino that’s connected to the one that you are staying at. Most of the times they have programs that will give you more cash for you to use when you go to the affiliated casino. If you have played on the card, then visit their website and reserve a room. This will tell you if the room is paid for or not.

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