How to Find Lucky Casino Slots at Casinos

Certain machines at a casino will give more payouts as compared to other machines. Casino slots which have a knack of paying more are sometimes referred to as ‘loose slots.’ You can make lots of money gambling at a casino if you know how to find the lucky casino slots. Keep in mind that finding a loose slot is not easy and will require a lot of patience.


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    Loose slots are more of a publicity stunt and are placed in area where the foot traffic is relatively high. When others see a person winning big jackpots, they are encouraged into spending more money. You need to be methodical when looking for a lucky casino slot. Test casino machines which are installed in areas close to change booths or coffee and snack bars. Then test machines nearby any elevated carousels present in the casino.

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    Your casino map can be very helpful in findings loose slots. Machines which proclaim higher payout rate are likely to be the lucky ones. Refer to the casino map to locate and methodically test all machines that claim over 95 percent payout rate.

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    If you have a friend working at the casino, he can help you out at finding one the lucky slots. Another way to take help from one of the casino employees is to bribe them. Keep in mind that not all employees can be bribed. So be careful because if you try to bribe the wrong employee, you may end up in an interrogation room. Another option to get help from casino employees is to offer them a share of your winnings from the casino.

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    Old-fashioned reel slot machines generally pay higher than the new modern machines. When you start looking for loose slots, try the old-fashioned machines first.

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