How to Organize a Casino Night Party

Hopping a plane to the famed casinos in Las Vegas isn’t for everyone as some of us do not have the time nor the stomach for some hardcore gambling.  Nonetheless, you can always bring the glitter of Las Vegas casinos right to your doorstep by planning your own casino night party.


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    Choose an appropriate night for the party, making sure it will not get in the way of other weekly commitments. Weekends should be your top priority for holding any parties as people are free and do not have to worry about going to work the next morning.

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    Once you finalise the date, it is then time to make up the guest list. You cannot organise nor arrange a party unless you know how many people you have to invite and how many of them will actually come.

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    You will then have to determine the space required for the party depending on the number of people invited. This is not an ordinary party so you will also have to keep in mind the floor space for the gaming tables.

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    Next step is to purchase supplies like decorations according to the environment of a casino. The place should be lit up, so turn on the lights.

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    It is important that you invite your guests in person either by phone or through email. It is wise to ask them for confirmation so that you know how many people you will have to entertain. It is always safe to send out all the invitations almost two weeks before the party.

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    You will need decks of cards and dice for the games planned for the party. You need to have plenty of plates, napkins and cups for serving food and drinks as well.

  • 7

    Make sure you have a stock of fresh towels, soaps and tissues in the bathroom. It is imperative that you setup trashcans in convenient places to avoid picking up the mess after the party.

  • 8

    If you think you need extra tables for the games then either purchase some or get some on rent.

  • 9

    Remember it is rude not to greet your guests so make sure you are at the gate for them. Offer them dice, cards and chips to begin as it will be the guests' first gamble of the night.

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    Finally, at the end of the night, you should hold an auction of small gifts to give your guests a chance of spending their winnings.

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