How to Become a Casino Dealer

Finding a job is extremely difficult in today’s world that is filled with graduates. Casinos are one of the biggest industries in most areas of United States and all around the world. Every day, millions of people walk in to the casino and enjoy their leisure time by playing several games including slot machines and table sports. Slot machines are usually automated and doesn’t require a staff to deal with, however, board games and other table games requires the attention of the skilled personnel. Hence, casinos require staffs who can help them in maintaining the business and that include a job of ‘casino dealer’ as well. However, it is not easy to become a casino dealer as it requires a thorough knowledge of specific games as well as procedures that are to be followed in a game.


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    You should understand that specialization is necessary in today’s world but casino dealers should know just a single game because it decreases the chances of getting a job immensely. You should have strong knowledge of at least two to three games to impress the recruiter who can rotate you on different tables according to the need of time and space.

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    Games that you should learn include poker, pai gow, blackjack and craps. Casinos hunt the dealers who are proficient in the stated games and like those who can deal in multiple games because that increases the flexibility of shifting a particular dealer from one table to another.

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    License casino dealer school is a place where you have to enrol yourself to make yourself available for the casinos for hiring purposes. Moreover, some courses are taught there which can help you build some knowledge about the environment of casino and understanding the body movements or eye contacts etc.

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    Learn to deal cards, spin the wheel and throw the dice which is required in different games at casinos.

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    Study complex games with utmost care and don’t try to run fast by skipping important pointers. It will leave you in ‘no man’s land’ when the particular situation occurs. Understand each game with utmost concentration.

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    You should be 21 years old or more to become a casino dealer in the states of America. However, some states allow the age of 18 but it’s too risky to enter such an environment in your teens.

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